Jr.Jet Kids English School
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About History Jr. Jet opened its doors in July of 1994 and started its first class a month later.  Over the years, we have enjoyed slow and steady growth simply by word of mouth.  We consider that a compliment on our students’ performance! Learning Environment  Jr. Jet, in an effort to create an English oasis in a sea of Chinese, has an ‘English Only’ policy where all interaction within the school is conducted in English. Philosophy  Language is a living thing that doesn’t come from a book.   Language comes from interaction between people; students and teachers, in our case.  Our teachers focus firstly on our students’ speaking ability.  Our teachers act as a facilitator creating the environment and opportunities for their students to interact in English.    Name and Logo The name, Jr. Jet, was chosen for its alliteration and to signify the youthfulness and speed of our young learners.  Our logo, a cute jet soaring amongst the clouds, represents our students’ English ability ever rising above the rest.